Sunday, 3 March 2013

Diary of a Parallel Man by Mahershalalhashbaz by David Elham

This book is one of the joys I have had since owning my kindle.
I would imagine that it is one of those that just wouldn't get a place in a bookstore as it is just too "different".  Yet it is it's differentness that should be celebrated.

In essence it is a fish out of water story.  Baz live in paradise and spoke daily with God, but wanted to find out more and created a passage into our world.  He ends up going through this "wormhole" into Manchester and gets stuck in our times.

There is not much kindness in this other place.  Baz is such a good person who starts to get ground down with life here.

From my summary it sounds depressing, but this is not a depressing story, not by any means.  This is definitely one that I will read again.

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