Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Scream of Angels by David Haynes

The Scream of Angels is a novel that is delightfully creepy, set in turn of the century Paris in the part of the city where anything goes.  Including Le Grand Guignol's audience when the guts and gore gets too much.

Bishop is an English writer who finds himself writing the darkest theatre he can imagine in a time when life is easily and often snuffed out.

I found this story to be very creepy in it's descriptiveness.  A scene towards the beginning with a saw and a leg made my hackles rise and my shoulders come up.  But in saying that, this story is not like a modern-day serial killer gore-fest.  The mood is dark, the scenes are wonderfully set and you can almost taste the absinthe and laudanam and madness.

I really enjoyed this story.  Again, the author has taken me to another time and place and thrown me right into the middle of it.

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