Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Alloria by David Staniforth

I keep saying “fantasy is not my thing” but whenever I read it, I enjoy it.  Perhaps it’s because I tend to read the younger, lighter stories.  This is the story of Alloria who was found in a cellar at 3 years of age and is adopted by kind people.  Even though they are poor they have more than enough love for her and another orphan, Nat.
One day when she is 10 years old, they go through a portal in the cellar, back to her homeland.  She finds out she can do magic.  Then the journey starts to find her real father.

At times I feel Alloria is older than her 10 years.  But this was a story of friendship as well as adventure.  Even though this is aimed at the younger audience, I never felt as if I was being talked down to.  This was a lovely story and I’m glad I read it. 

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