Friday, 23 August 2013

Nine Lives by Tom Barber

This is the first story in the Sam Archer series.  We are introduced to the young blonde policeman as he gets his first major action in the Armed Response Unit.  A terrorist is trying to impress his bigwig drug cartel leading uncle by sending 8 suicide bombers into London on New Year’s Eve.  

I found this to be an exciting roller coaster ride.  The tension and chase was always ramped up with the discovery of clues for the next terrorist to apprehend.  I think this is a great start to a series of books.  The author says he wants his stories to be like action packed films and he does a good job of it here.

If I was a criminal mastermind, I’d time everything to go off at once.  But then it would be a short book.  Bang.  The End

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