Friday, 23 August 2013

Duallists by David Wailing

This is David Wailing’s off-earth future imaginings.  Joel Miller takes an immediate and intense dislike to Reese when he arrives on the Moonbug for mining Mars.  All he thinks about is getting even and trying to kill him.  The feeling is mutual.  

As with the author’s Auto series, you get thrown into the future and it is believable.  You can feel the claustrophobia of being on a spaceship for years.  The tone is adult with a bit of graphic violence.

This was a tidy read.  I must admit I skimmed through some of the fighting scenes, but I do that anyway, I like to get back to the story.

This book is not available anywhere now.  It is one of David Wailing's first stories and you can see the seeds of where he got his Auto inspiration from.

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