Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Undertaker's Cabinet by David Haynes

This story is a little different to the author's recently released books in that it is mostly set in the present.  Bobby Moreton's family undertaker business is going down the pan and he's fed up and wants out.  But there's history and it wants to rear its ugly head.

Part of the story is set where the first Moreton is setting up the business.  The chapters switch back and fore giving hints of what happened and why the new undertaker is in town and wants Moreton for himself.

The story starts off not too creepy.  There are quite a few descriptions of what undertakers do behind closed doors and it probably wasn't a good idea for me to read those over lunch.  The story ramps up and up and since you know you are reading a David Haynes horror book, you certainly aren't disappointed. 

This author has a way with words and the language of the time and is a delight to read in a dastardly way.

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