Thursday, 5 July 2012

Interrogating Mel Comley

Here is Mel Comley, creator of Lorne Simpkins.

How do you strike the balance between writing something you want to write and writing something that people want to read, in terms of the compromises you make, if any?

Great question, Joo. First and foremost I do tend to write what I want to write, saying that I have toned down the violence in my books to try and gain a bigger audience. I haven’t had any complaints from my regular fans so far that they miss the violence.

What excites, attracts or appeals to you about the genre(s) you write in.

Writing thrillers gets the adrenaline pumping. Maybe it’s just me, but I find writing action scenes or dramatic scenes far more satisfying than descriptive prose.

Do you have a box, drawer, folder etc where you keep thoughts and ideas for future stories? Such as names you have come across, bits of dialogue, ideas, characters - even if you have no idea when you might use them? 

I do indeed. Recently I’ve started adding relevant future plots, names etc to a box file. I keep a notepad and pen under my pillow at night because invariably I dream something significant and need to get it down on paper as soon as possible before I forget it. Well, I’m not getting any younger. J

How much of you is in your characters? Which of your characters is the you that you’d most like to be? Or be with ? 

Oh dear, I was hoping you wouldn’t ask this. Lorne Simpkins, my feisty female cop, is really based on me. I always wanted to be a copper when I was younger but life took me in another direction. I regret that decision big time and am now living out my dreams through my character, does that sound daft?

Do you become so wrapped up in your writing that your spouse wonders if they're married to you or one of your characters?

I’m single for a reason. 

What type of book do you like reading? Is it the same genre as you write?

I have to say I tend to read 90% thrillers and 10% everything else, although romance is my second choice. I don’t read sci-fi or historical novels at all.

What lengths do you go to to convince us readers that your book has the X factor?

I make it a rule to keep the excitement flowing throughout my novels. Every chapter has to have something significant happen or it gets the chop. It’s as simple as that.

How do you feel when a reader points out the spelling mistake(s) you have made?

Grateful. Have you read any traditionally published novels lately? They’re littered with mistakes.

What do you like most about visiting KUF/forums?

To be honest, I still find the site a minefield to navigate and don’t go there as often as I should. It’s always great to interact with the readers though. 

What is on your near horizon?

I’ve just started another Lorne Simpkins novel. I did say that Foul Justice was going to be the final book in the series but Lorne has other ideas and refuses to get out of my head. I started writing another thriller about a month ago, but couldn’t get excited about it. Now I’ve turned it into another Lorne novel the writing is flowing fast and furious. J

Where can we find you for more information?


My twitter ID is @melcom1


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