Thursday, 19 July 2012

To The Grave by Steve Robinson

To The Grave is the second book in Steve Robinson's Jefferson Tayte series.  The themes being Jefferson Tayte, who is a genealogical investigator investigates someone's family tree whilst in tandem, the story follows the person who JT is trying to find out about.  In other words, in each book you get two stories for the price of one.

Steve is very good at telling the stories in tandem.  In some books with concurrent points of view  you get a chapter for each one and the toing and froing can be a bit too rapid.  With these books you get a big chunk of one story, then a big chunk of another.  In one way that's good in that you are not dragged back and fore all the time, in another way it's bad as you get settled into the one story and forget there's another and you get dragged out of the now or then.

Is this better than In The Blood?  A lot of people think so.  I think I preferred In The Blood myself. But I look forward to reading more stories that JT investigates.

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