Monday, 30 July 2012

To Be A Man by Roger Knowles

This is billed as "a love story... but with a difference".   As a love story (difference or otherwise) it was a very compelling read.  I read it non stop this morning.

It's written from three people's point a view, Martin, Lisa and Martin's mum.  You knew where the story was going right from the beginning, but I wanted to be part of the journey.  My heart felt for Martin and Lisa, but understood that times were different 40-odd years ago.  No mobile phones or internet.  Just the postman and home phones.  I so wanted to bang their heads together and tell them "just talk to him/her".  It wasn't mawkish, just a story of what could have been.  

I really enjoyed this and did have to have a good nose blow at the end (tmi :D )

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