Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Pompomberry House by Rosen Trevithick

Pompomberry House by Rosen Trevithick is one of my most anticipated book in my Kindle-owning being.  So was it worth the wait and the hype and the teasing? ................ Yes, yes, yes, yes.

I'm sure I recall Rosen actually getting the idea for this particular book from a forum, where she couldn't decide between one story or the other and decided to do both.  It is the tale of Kindle forum life and Indie authors, but on a much exaggerated scale (I hope ;p).

As a whodunnit, you are kept guessing all the way to the end.  The characters are wonderfully larger than life and if you are a forum member, you do wonder where she got her characters from.

A wonderful easy read.  If you like any of Rosen's other works, you'll adore this one.

PS, I am the proud owner of one of the seagulls on the cover :D


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