Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Cellar Door by P.A. Fenton

I can officially say, now, that P.A Fenton is one of my new favourite authors.  This is the third book I’ve read by this author and is a thoroughly fab read.

Zac and Sara have lived in their house for a few years when Sara loses her job (again).  They need some money, so she looks in the cellar for something to sell on ebay.  What she finds down there is beyond anything she could have thought of.  Obviously there’s a lot more story to my summary, but needless to say things don’t go quite right.

This is a story of obsession, of one-mindedness, when you can’t think of anything apart from what is in front of you and your life starts spiralling out of control.  There is some dark humour in here and some bad language (which is often used for comic effect).

I really didn’t know where this was going.  That’s the good thing about tasting a bit of an author, then blindly going into the next book without reading the synopsis, the twists and turns are even more twisty and turny.

I think this is probably my favourite book so far this year.

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