Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Depth of Deception by Alexander Galant

Depth of Deception is subtitled "A Titanic Murder Mystery" and is a nice little mystery. In 1982, a woman is rescued from the Atlantic, dressed in old fashioned clothes on a deckchair, miles from anywhere or any boat. As she recovers, she says she was on the Titanic. Is she telling the truth or is she a con-woman? But the story has tentacles reaching out across the Atlantic to Scotland and a cold case miscarriage of justice.

Normally I wouldn’t be bothered with anything that promotes itself with Titanic, but this was an intriguing read. You were given little snippets of the mystery and it kept me wanting to find out more. Was she really from the past? It kept me guessing. Was it resolved satisfactorily for me? Not really, but it didn’t matter, I enjoyed the journey.

Reading the acknowledgements at the end was also interesting as the author had used real people’s stories.


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