Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Strictly Murder by Lynda Wilcox

Lynda's previous (and first) book is a children's book which I hadn't read.  But after hearing the plot for her new adult book, I thought I'd like it.  I didn't, I loved it.

I can't decide whether it's a cozy mystery or a chick lit.  There's the (not at all graphic) murder, but then there's the sassyish chick deciding which man to choose- if any.

The story unfolds with twists and turns.  I'd made up my mind "whodunnit" a few times to be proved wrong.  I guessed the murderer within 10% of the end, so to me that's a result.  I don't like to know from the start, but I don't like to be baffled by the clues at the end.

If this is the first "grown up" story from Lynda, then I'm joining the queue for the next one.

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