Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Gray Justice by Alan McDermott

I thoroughly enjoyed Gray Justice.  I’d heard lots of good reports about it and it certainly lived up to them.

The premise is Tom Grey loses his son to a car thief and Tom’s wife can’t take it so kills herself.  Tom has nothing to live for and when the killer is let free by pleading guilty to driving without due care and attention, Tom decides to try to change the justice laws.

But Tom is ex-SAS, so it’s not a matter of writing to the Prime Minister.  The scheme he devises is quite ingenious and the “cat and mouse” he plays with MI5 is played out well.

The story takes an unexpected turn half way through and at the end of each chapter I wanted to keep going.

This is Alan’s first novel and it is an exciting, interesting, though provoking read.  It made me wonder what would I have done on the “audience participation” bit.


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