Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Baby Trap by Sibel Hodge

You know exactly where you are with a Sibel Hodge book (well, mostly ). In chick-lit land.
This one, though, is a bit more "chick" than usual. This is the story of Gina who decides she wants a baby with hubby, Karl and finds she can't. The story follows Gina extremely closely !!!!!! as she spends quite some time and many methods of trying to get pregnant.
I know some blokes love a bit of Sibel (oo er missus), but you will need to (wo)man up before attempting this book. It goes into extreme detail of all the methods Gina tries to get pregnant.
I did enjoy this book, but I couldn't relate to Gina, so I, personally, wouldn't rate this as one of Sibel's best books. I much prefer the fantasy of Amber Fox than the realities of close-up fufus

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