Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Cornerstone by Nick Spalding

I read and enjoyed Life Without Breaks and have Life on a High ready for on the plane on holidays, but when I came across Nick describing his book as " The Cornerstone - It's got effeminate vampires, a six foot ex-special forces loner, a chick covered in tattoos and Susan Boyle in it. " How could it not be next on my reading list It's a very light hearted adventure, perhaps aimed at a younger audience, but I found it quite un-put-downable.

I liked that Max was just a typical teenaged boy who is too lazy to take any messing about. The whole of humanity is probably relying on him and he's "meh" . But, of course, that would be a short and boring adventure, so he steps up and gets on with it.

The baddies are nice and bad, the goodies are overwhelmed and the readers are along for the fantastic ride. This is a nice easy enjoyable read. 5 stars for this one Nick and hurry up with the next. After all, it only takes you a day or two to churn them out

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