Saturday, 31 December 2011

Bodyswitch by David Callinan

The first text of this book is "BODYSWITCH a paranormal erotic psycho thriller" which startled me as I didn't think it was quite that from the description on Amazon.
Luckily (for me) it wasn't too paranormal nor too erotic, but plenty of psycho and thriller

The paranormal bit was that the protagonist visits a "half-way land" to say goodbye to his recently deceased wife. This didn't seem out of place, it seemed like a nice thought about the interim afterlife. There wasn't a lot of sex, just some encounters that mostly moved the story along. I didn't particularly like the character of the psychiatric consultant, she seemed a bit unprofessional.

This seemed a long book. It wasn't "un-put-downable" but I kept going back to it to see what happened next. It's not a masterpiece by any means, but certainly an enjoyable read with some good ideas and plots.
I will probably check out some more books by David Callinan.

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