Saturday, 31 December 2011

Carnival of Hope by George Hamilton

This is the story of Tomas and Thereza who grew up and live in the slums of the North East of Brazil and the fight they have to get out of town via the Carnival.

This story is heartbreaking in its portrayal of just how poor these people are. I could picture the streets and tips that George describes. Tomas doesn't eat for 3 days and that is just unbelievable for me in my comfy house. I've no doubt this story could well be a true story many places in Brazil.

Tomas in his heart is a good person, but who knows how far we would be pushed before we do bad things like he reluctantly has to.

I think George is a good writer, the story is easy to read and even though nothing exciting happens, I was always "in the story". As with his previous book Secrets from the Dust, this wouldn't have been one I would have looked at twice, but I'm so glad I did. I was thinking of Tomas and Thereza long after finishing the book.

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