Saturday, 31 December 2011

Secrets from the Dust by George Hamilton

I was recommended to read this, but as it's not "my kind of book", I decided I'd check out the sample first. And I'm so glad I did as even though I thought I wouldn't like it, it was a supurbly written, thought provoking book that I just didn't want to put down. In fact I was late for work this morning as I wanted to read 'just one more chapter'

It is the story of Margaret, an Aboriginal girl who gets torn away from her family and first gets put into a home with other girls who get treated worse than prisoners, then gets adopted by a white family and goes to live on a farm where, even though she is treated well in the house, gets treated like a second class citizen in school and in town.

I really felt for her and had my eyes opened as to the inequalities the native
Australians had to put up with back only a few decades ago.

I do thoroughly recommend this book. Get a sample, you'll soon want to keep reading

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