Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Geronimo Breach by Russel Blake

This is a story set in Panama and Central America about a thief, his guide and their pursuers.

I hadn't really read the write-up as it was offered up as a review copy, so didn't know which of the characters I came across at the start of the book was the main character (even though it should have been obvious, doh). That made it better as I didn't quite know who to root for.

The storytelling was quite colourful (in a nice way, not a swearing way) and very rich. I have been on holidays to Costa Rica so could imagine the jungle landscape.

I was wondering what was on the video tape and it did surprise me, which was enjoyable . Other people may have picked up on clues as to what was going on, but by not over-thinking it was a journey that I felt I was going on too.

I really enjoyed this book and will check out other things by this author.

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