Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Main Point by Bruno Phillips

The Main Point is billed as "The story of Bernd Töst and his career as a porn movie auteur".

This is my first assignment as an official KUF reviewer. It probably wouldn't have been a choice of mine, but I took my new responsibility seriously. 

I must admit, I found the writing very cold. It seemed to be written in a matter of fact way, just relating the facts. 

I had expected, given the subject matter, for it to be a bit more exciting and colourful.I didn't particularly care for Töst in his earlier years and he was rather boring in his later years. The most interesting time of his life was as he was starting out on his career as a porn director, yet he seemed too nice and boring. He was so boring not even his relationship with his sister made him interesting.

In summary I would give it 3 stars as, while I didn't like it that much, I didn't dislike it either.

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