Saturday, 31 December 2011

Torbrek and the Dragon Variation by Lexi Revellian

Lexi mentioned she had just published her first two books so I had a nose. Torbrek... is a fantasy about dragons and princesses and knights and battles etc. I am not all that interested in this kind of book, but since I loved Remix and Replica, I thought I'd check out the samples when I went to bed last night. Well, I'd got to 30% of the book before I was too exhausted and had to sleep . I read another third this morning before I had to go out visiting and finished it off this afternoon.

What a blummin fantastic book.

It was very light, but not childish at all. There were story strands with numerous characters but you never got distracted or confused (this is no Game of Thrones )

The main character is a girl who pretend to be a boy, but I was glad that that didn't go on for too long. She's no-nonsense and likeable.

I think I can officially say I need never download a sample of Lexi's books ever again (maybe if you do a Western, but other than that ... ) as she is superb storyteller and writer in 3 genres now.

A big thumbs up from me.

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